6 reasons to move to Santa Monica

1. Diversity

If you want to go for a swim in the morning, then go for a shopping spree in the afternoon, ending the day with a hike with a breathtaking view, you’ve hit the jackpot with Santa Monica. There’s no questioning when it comes to the beauty of this city, but the diversity it has to offer is something else. Boredom is not an option, so if you want to have a picnic or have a crazy night out, if your goal for the day is to bump into a celebrity or just sit on your porch listening to the relaxing sounds of the beach, we’ve got it all.move to santa monica

2. The weather

If you’re from California, the weather isn’t really a deal-breaker for you, since winter is basically an abstract term for all of us Californians, but sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it.But if you absolutely hate those woolen sweaters that you always seem to get a rash from, pack your bathing suits and throw those bad boys out, because you surely won’t be needing them here.santa monica movers

3. Travel made easier

Being centrally located in the heart of beautiful West L.A., Santa Monica has excellent access to Highway 10 and the 405. Also, access to almost every destination in the world is another one of the important points this city has to offer. With LAX around the corner, you can definitely travel with less stress and catch a flight to anywhere your heart desires.

4. Variety of living options

The choice between living in a family home, or luxury apartment is completely yours. Even with the prices being on the higher side, investing in a city like Santa Monica is definitely a no-brainer, because you absolutely get what you paid for.There is also the option of a more peaceful, secluded lifestyle, or if you are more of a busy, never-sleeping city type of person, there is a place for you as well.Variety of living options

5. Unlimited opportunities

You might be tired of the cliché reason of moving to LA to chase your future celebrity life, but there is a reason that this has become such a cliché. The opportunities are endless indeed, and while maybe not every single one of us will become a celebrity one day, some might get an awesome writing opportunity about the top 7 reasons to move to Santa Monica. There really is every possible opportunity in the book, so if you’re worried about ‘’figuring it out’’, this city has probably already figured it out for you.move to santa monica

6. Great school system

On a more serious note, the school system in Santa Monica definitely stands out for its excellence. As a separate incorporate city from Los Angeles, Santa Monica has a separate school system as well, with the freedom in making its own rules and hiring teachers. The high rankings of the schools in Santa Monica are also one of the great reasons to move to this city, and being sure your children will be provided with an exceptional education.Great school system, move to santa monica