1. Plan your packing

If you choose to pack the items yourself make sure to start packing early in order to avoid the rush as the moving date approaches. Start with purchasing the packing material and then planning on when to move which parts of the home first. Pack the items you won’t be using first and then leave the things you use daily until the day before. Make sure to pack your items carefully, with enough packing paper so that you can avoid spillage and breakage.
However, if you have certain uncertainties about packing and you prefer professional moving crew to do so, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.  Search for local movers near me and find the best solution for your moving needs.

2. Labels, labels, labels

With our moving help, you will have boxes sorted out room by room. However, make sure to label the boxes. Write down things like #kitchen – glassware or #bathroom – towels. Make sure all the boxes have the name of the room on them as well as the category. When you start opening up the boxes at the delivery location, you will need to differentiate the necessities you require at that moment from the things that are not so urgent to use. Once you start unpacking you will thank yourself for the time you invested in organization beforehand.

3. One room at the time, please

Start with one room and leave only things you will use until the move date. If you live in the house, start with a garage or an attic and basement. You will find myriads of things to throw out, donate or sell there- things you probably have not seen in years. This, packing one room at the time,  will create less clutter and mess for you so you will not find yourself jumping all over the boxes from one end of the house to the another. Also, since you will be labeling the boxes, it will give you more control over unpacking in the end. This will be of great assistance to the movers as well, since they will stack the truck for your local move in a more organized manner.

4. Declutter

Admit it, we are all guilty of cluttering and holding on to the things that we frankly do not need. Even if it is that one dress you might fit into one day, or maybe some plastic container that you used twice in your life, or an unexpected and unpleasable gift you once received but you are not sure what to do with. Donate it. Organize a garage sale. Get rid of it.  Basements and attics are sometimes goldmines. You will find various items there, some that might’ve stopped working years ago, but you kept it – just in case. Now it is the best time to see what you really do need and what not. Moving locally is the best time to declutter your living space and to start fresh.

5. Freshen up your new home

Make sure your new place is all tidy for the move in. The very last thing you would like to do is clean when movers are bringing in the items into your new home. Since they usually rearrange the furniture for you, they will need to have the place prepared and ready for them to place the items. Think about hiring a professional, deep cleaning assistance to take on this type of task. In addition, take into consideration all of the smaller repairs that need to be done, so think about potentially hiring a handyman in advance.

6. Moving of important documents

Take any personal and financial information and important paperwork with you.  No matter how professional or  trust-worthy the company is, your documentation should stay alongside you. This will give you a piece of mind more than anything else and you will make sure to avoid hassles that would ensue with replacing your documentation. 

7. Transporting $$$ and valuables

All moving companies would rather not put any of the high valuable items on the truck. Things like jewelry, precious metals or expensive statues, fish tanks or any item that you would find irreplaceable- this should stay close to you. Nevermind if you are moving across the country or next door. Best thing to do is to transport your valuables with you alongside the documentation.

8. A goodie bag

Make sure to have a designated bag for essential items. A goodie bag or a box is individual for everyone. Some might put fresh towels and a charge here or maybe (and definitely) toilet paper or similar smaller, everyday items. These items can either come with you or as a last box to be packed in the truck with the movers.

9. Hidrate and don’t forget to eat

Silly thing to forget, am I right? However, moving is stressful and impacts even the strongest of us. Make sure that at all times you have a fresh bottle of water with you and some snacks. If you are moving in the morning, coffee will be your best friend. Since you will be overlooking the process, you will spend time with movers so make sure they have snacks and water as well.  Happy movers are efficient movers.

10. Take a break

Moving date is beyond stressful. Movers are there, children are running, boxes are everywhere, time is flying. No matter how prepared you are and how your movers are prepared this is how it feels. So, give yourself a break. Breathe. You are experiencing a big change in your life so it is fine to feel overwhelmed.
So, be realistic- do not try to unpack your house on the first night. Give yourself time, unpack the essentials and give yourself a few days to fully settle. Not everything will look as you imagined in the next few days, so give yourself time to decorate. Take time to relax and indulge in all that new life and new home has to give.



If you want to go for a swim in the morning, then go for a shopping spree in the afternoon, ending the day with a hike with a breathtaking view, you’ve hit the jackpot with Santa Monica.
There’s no questioning when it comes to the beauty of this city, but the diversity it has to offer is something else.
Boredom is not an option, so if you want to have a picnic or have a crazy night out, if your goal for the day is to bump into a celebrity or just sit on your porch listening to the relaxing sounds of the beach, we’ve got it all.

2. The weather

If you’re from California, the weather isn’t really a deal-breaker for you, since winter is basically an abstract term for all of us Californians, but sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it.

But if you absolutely hate those woolen sweaters that you always seem to get a rash from, pack your bathing suits and throw those bad boys out, because you surely won’t be needing them here.

3. Travel made easier

Being centrally located in the heart of beautiful West L.A., Santa Monica has excellent access to Highway 10 and the 405. Also, access to almost every destination in the world is another one of the important points this city has to offer. With LAX around the corner, you can definitely travel with less stress and catch a flight to anywhere your heart desires.

4. Variety of living options

The choice between living in a family home, or luxury apartment is completely yours. Even with the prices being on the higher side, investing in a city like Santa Monica is definitely a no-brainer, because you absolutely get what you paid for.

There is also the option of a more peaceful, secluded lifestyle, or if you are more of a busy, never-sleeping city type of person, there is a place for you as well.

5. Unlimited opportunities

You might be tired of the cliché reason of moving to LA to chase your future celebrity life, but there is a reason that this has become such a cliché. The opportunities are endless indeed, and while maybe not every single one of us will become a celebrity one day, some might get an awesome writing opportunity about the top 7 reasons to move to Santa Monica.
There really is every possible opportunity in the book, so if you’re worried about ‘’figuring it out’’, this city has probably already figured it out for you.

6. Great school system

On a more serious note, the school system in Santa Monica definitely stands out for its excellence. As a separate incorporate city from Los Angeles, Santa Monica has a separate school system as well, with the freedom in making its own rules and hiring teachers. The high rankings of the schools in Santa Monica are also one of the great reasons to move to this city, and being sure your children will be provided with an exceptional education.