How to Organize Your Local Move

There are simple steps that can help you in organizing your local move. Even if this is the first time for you and you are not familiar with moving services in Los Angeles, you have a lot of different ways of finding out important things about how to organize the move.

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Not only Santa Monica, but the whole LA area is full of reputable moving companies from which you can make a list of those that are worth contacting and asking for a quote.

Hiring Los Angeles Moving Services Isn’t The Only Task You Need to Complete

Organization doesn’t include only choosing the movers, it is the largest step, but it is not the only one. There are many more steps that you should think about, such as how and when you will handle packing, what will be the date of move, how to coordinate timing between two landlords, if you found a storage that you might need, what to do with your kids and pets etc.

Get Professional Moving Services From The Best Los Angeles Movers

All other things that are related to the moving part will be taken care of by your local movers. They will provide manpower and the truck, logistics before the move, during the move, heavy lifting and protective work around the furniture etc. Even If you need additional assistance or a piece of advice regarding anything else, you can ask your relocation consultant and they should be able to help since they have a lot more experience than you do. 

You may face many obstacles along the way, but don’t put your guard down, everyone who moved went through the very same thing.

So, Where Do You Start?

Since you are not the first one going through this, let’s learn from other people’s experience. There are steps that need to be taken in order to cover everything and have the smoothest move ever.

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Here they are:

  1. Choosing the date
  2. Research about moving companies
  3. Packing alone vs hiring movers for packing
  4. Choosing the moving company
  5. Taking a day of work 
  6. Take kids to grandparents
  7. Think about your pets
  8. Ask your landlord about moving out policies
  9. Find a storage, if the storage is needed
  10. Clean the old place
  11. Keep your movers posted about any possible changes

These are easy steps that any of you can encounter, depending on the type of the move that you are facing. Some of these won’t be what you need, some will. Just go over the list and make sure that you recognize the ones that are important for you and your family!

Choosing The Perfect Date to Hire Los Angeles Moving Services

This should be one of the first decisions to make. If you don’t have a firm date, you should at least about an approximate one so that you can have something to give to the residential movers that you are reaching out to. 

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Sometimes picking a date is not easy, especially if you are balancing two leases, the old and the new one, and between two landlords or HomeOwners Association.

Reserve Your Movers in Advance

Don’t forget to make the decision about the date in a timely manner, because moving companies are often low with the availability for peak days like weekends, Friday, the end of the month, the beginning of the following etc. These are the most popular time frames for moves, and you want to make sure that you got everything done on time. 

Also, if you are in a situation between two different leases where one is expiring but the other one is not starting immediately, you should be in communication with your movers all the time regarding the date because that date might change depending on the circumstances, and you don’t want to be in a position to lose the availability for the only date that works for you.

Research Different Los Angeles Moving Services

Before you hire a company, please research them and their services. Make sure that they are legitimate. Ask around and check if you know someone who utilized their services. Check their reviews, that can be a good recommendation. 


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Self Packing vs Professional Packing Assistance

If you don’t want to handle any packing and want full service movers in Santa Monica, just find a suitable company! They will take care of everything else for you.

But, if you want to pack your personal belongings on your own, there are a few things that you should think about.

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Self packing guidelines 

First of all, be aware of the fact that you will need time for packing. That means that you will need to start packing ahead of time if you are working and don’t want to take the day off, or to let your employer know that you will need to take a few days of personal leave for your moving project.

Read about the tips and tricks for packing on blogs! This is the best way to inform yourself about the fastest way to pack up everything like a professional.

Purchase Packing Materials

How many boxes you will need is, well, difficult to say. Maybe your relocation agent can give you advice after he/she gets familiar with the size and the nature of your project. That’s the best way maybe. If not, then the usual tip is that one adult carries anywhere between 15-25 boxes that come in various sizes, and for kids, that number goes 10-15. 

Bubble wrap should be used as additional protection for fragile items like some electronics, TVs, mirrors, objects made out of glass, etc. 

Moving blankets can come in handy for these occasions as well. 

Dish pack boxes and wrapping paper are a must-have for the kitchen. 

Wardrobe boxes will save you a lot of time because you won’t need to throw all the clothes into boxes/suitcases, all the hanging items can be hung on the bar in the wardrobe box.

Choosing the Right Los Angeles Moving Services

After you did the research, took care of the packing decisions, and have some dates in mind, it is time to choose and reserve your packers and movers in Santa Monica. 

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Make sure that the company checks out and that you asked everything that was on your list. Moving services in Los Angeles are easy to get, but quality movers are not that frequent.

Make a reservation when you find a match, and wait for the date!

Take a Day Off Work

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Important, don’t forget to mention to your superiors that you will have a move going on. This way they will be prepared for the possibility that you may be absent for a day, or two…

Make Arrangements For Your Kids

If you have a family and you just want to avoid them from witnessing the mess, strangers in your house, things everywhere, just reserve their grandparents or a babysitter, neighbor, family member, a friend. It is better to get them out of the way.

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Consider Making Arrangements For Your Pets As Well

If you have any fur friends, you have to know that a change of territory is a big deal for them, especially a lot of strangers in their home. Maybe it is for the best to get them used to boxes at first, get them familiar with their new home ahead of time as well, and to leave them out of harm’s way on the moving day. 

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Double Check Your Lease 

This is important, especially to those who are living in a building with an HOA. Landlords and HOA usually have some requirements in order to let the movers on the premises. One thing is sure- you don’t want to be doing that on your moving day!

Send an email, make a phone call. Ask if the date is okay for them. Find out if you need to reserve a certain time frame or the elevator. 

Find A Storage Unit If Needed

If you need to move all items from your current home into a storage, or just a portion of them, don’t forget to reach out to some storage facilities, book their services and let them know about the date and the time when the moving company will deliver the shipment.

Ask for an access key, just in case that your move has to happen outside of the office’s working hours.

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Clean Your Old Home

Cleaning is something that you don’t have to do on your own, and you shouldn’t since the move alone is a lot already.

Hire a cleaning service and let them know about the date and the approximate time when the premises will be vacated.

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The same applies to garbage removal. Don’t expect that your movers will take the excess of boxes and plastic wraps when they deliver the furniture to your new place. That’s never included in the price. Even if they were willing to help you out with this one, they won’t do it for free because that’s an additional service.

If this is something that you will be interested in, let your movers know while chatting and see how they react.

Your Los Angeles Movers Need to Be Informed About Any Changes Before The Move

Last, but not least- moving services in Los Angeles are subject to change. Like the moving company can have some issues, the truck can break, the team can get sick, you would want to be notified about these, you should treat your movers in the same way.

If you have to change the date, but you are still not sure, contact your movers and ask if they are available for the next best date that works for you.

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If you can’t reserve the elevator at a certain time, let them know! Maybe they can show flexibility with the arrival window and make this problem easier for you.

Just Found Out You Need A Helping Hand for Packing?

If you change your mind about packing and you decide that you want the company to take care of it for you after all, let them know in advance. They will need to show up prepared. If they are not informed about the packing, maybe they won’t have packing materials or enough of it. Maybe the number of moving helpers that they planned initially won’t suffice and they won’t make it in one day. 

Just be on top of the game and one step ahead of every scenario- let your movers know about every possible update, change, circumstance and doubt that can affect the efficiency of your move. 

Get A Free Quote From The Best Los Angeles Movers – Today!

Find out how professional movers help you to organize your local move HERE by giving them a call and having a chat! Logistics during the move are not easy for someone who is not from this business. But for those that are moving people and providing support during the moves, this comes like a piece of cake. Someone got really good at what they do to save you the trouble of planning the things that you are not familiar with!

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