Top 10 Reasons To Hire Professional Movers

The decision about hiring movers comes out of the necessity for professional help, not having the time to handle the whole project on your own, avoiding making huge logistical decisions, renting trucks, calling in favors and friends… A lot of things to think about, not enough time to plan everything perfectly, but maybe there is a way out. Hire movers near Santa Monica!

Moving companies exist for a reason, they are dedicated to their work in the same way like the doctor is dedicated to his patients.


They know what they do, their expertise is physical work and logistics, furniture handling and complete organization of the moving project for their client. There are so many reasons to hire movers, the list can become an essay. But there are the same number of reasons why you should hire professional movers.

Yes, there is a difference between movers and professional movers. Make sure that you don’t get into a trap and hire someone who is not equipped, not a part of the company but an independent worker or a team, because that smells like a scam and the experience will be equally bad. 

Best moving companies in LA will clear your doubts about this and after one conversation you will realize why you need them on this project!

Since we are talking about the reasons, let’s give you the most important ones. 

Why should you hire a professional team?

  1. Moving is time consuming
  2. Experience and expertise 
  3. Logistics are easier for them
  4. Equipment 
  5. Packing and protective materials
  6. Need for a truck
  7. Time efficiency 
  8. Heavy objects
  9. HOA requirements
  10. Safety

1. Moving is time consuming


If you never moved in the past, then you don’t know how time consuming a move can be. Not only that day when the actual move is happening, but everything that precedes, the preparation for the event, planning, packing, getting all the necessary materials and equipment. 

Even If your budget is stretchy and you can afford everything that is needed, you won’t be able to remember all the steps and what is needed for the project.

With this being said, to plan and handle the whole move on your own will take a lot of time. A lot of time as several days off work. It is known that not all of you can afford to be absent that long. And for sure you won’t take your vacation days and spend them all on physical work- where is the resting part and spending time with family and friends?

When you consider all of this, hiring residential movers seems like an obvious and normal thing to do.

2. Experience and expertise

Moving companies are providing moving services every day. They communicate with a lot of people, they know all the tips and tricks, they can improvise in the field, they have offices with support representatives, billing departments, insurance departments etc. Everything that you need for a moving project you will be able to find at one place, if you know where to look!

text on the black background

Is this not a reason enough to forget about the idea of moving alone?

These people are doing this for a living, and they know exactly what they do. You can’t say that you will do a better job yourself.

Even if the budget is in question, self-organized moves have a tendency to go from affordable to really expensive, so expensive that for this amount you would be able to afford full moving services from a company. 

A lot of things that you are not aware of, that have to be accounted for, can stretch your budget to a breaking point. And no one wants this..

3. Logistics are easier for them

mover leaning on van

Since we are talking about professionals that know what they are doing, it is obvious that the most difficult part for you will be the easiest task for them. They have teams. They have a person that will be in charge of a quote, a person for logistics, a person for support, and a professional team that will be there on the day of the move.They know what are the best ways to organize the move, how to coordinate all the teams and equipment. Logistics are easy when that’s your expertise, to provide logistics and organize a move!

4. Equipment

tools on table

Equipment is important for the efficiency of the move. You can do everything manually, but that can last forever. Without the appropriate tools and other materials, some items won’t be easy to move. Sometimes impossible to move. 

Power tools for disassembling and then reassembling of the furniture are important for the move. Dollies are also beneficial, especially with the large and bulky furniture. The equipment on the truck, like straps and pads are what is keeping the items in place while the truck is on move. 

All of these are not something that a man just has in his garage. These are specialty tools that are used for moving purposes. Even if you buy them all, you won’t have another use for them until the next move, so that’s not the most cost effective option.

5. Packing and protective materials

woman taking notes

Imagine going shopping for all the materials that are needed in order to protect and pack your items in a proper way and keep them safe from damages and scratches. It will be a long list, and a substantial amount of money spent. 

Don’t just think about what is the cost to hire movers, it is not only about the price for the service. The prices come with a lot of things included. If you wanted to go the other way and do everything without professional help, you would need to purchase all this.

Let’s make an example of the materials:

They are not expensive separately, but they make a significant impact on your budget. Needless to mention that this will be the first of many expenses. 

6. Need for a truck

Obviously, the furniture and other belongings will need to be transported somehow from the current place to the new place. If you don’t have your own truck, you will need to rent it. Not only rent it, you will need to call in favors with friends and family. No one can carry a dresser on their own, not to mention larger and bulkier pieces of furniture.

man in front of a moving van

If you don’t do a good job with stacking on the truck, maybe you will need to make an additional trip to the origin location to pick up what was left behind. 

So, it is not about the truck only, it is about the labor power and heavy lifting as well. 

7. Time efficiency

Now that we’re at the 7th reason to hire professional movers, time efficiency doesn’t have to be explained separately. It is expected that pro movers will deliver everything faster than you. They have the experience and the expertise, they have equipment and tools, packing and protective materials, they have the truck and laborers, and they know logistics and have a support team if anything goes sideways.


If something goes wrong they know how to improvise because they probably encountered a similar scenario at one point. For them the unexpected can be a small delay, but for you it can be a loss of money, time and patience. Let’s leave the stress out of the equation since it is always present without things going in an unexpected way.

8. Heavy objects

Heavy and bulky pieces of furniture, odd shaped and out of the ordinary are causing a big issue for movers who are experienced. They always treat them like it is the first time moving them- with caution.

bedroom interior

Imagine how it looks to carry a marble top, load it onto the truck.

How it is to move a piano, a safe, a gun safe..

Nooo.. Right?

Without the tools, many men, experience and a plan, there is no safe way to move overweight items and pieces of furniture. Best moving companies in Los Angeles will ask one question for sure- do you have any heavy items that are out of the ordinary and worth mentioning? This fact shows how important it is to be aware of the challenge in front of you. 

9. HOA requirements

woman at the reception desk

If you are living in a condominium that has HOA, in a highrise or some luxury complex, it is probable that they won’t allow any amateur work on the premises, amateur moves especially.

Sometimes they even ask from a moving company to provide a Certificate Of The Insurance that meets their requirements and covers a certain sum because they want to cover themselves for possible damages to the premises. If this is your situation, probably you won’t have a choice but to hire movers that have a firm insurance policy. 

Moving alone won’t be considered.

10. Safety

Inexperienced work and without proper tools can cause serious injuries. Handling heavy objects can be dangerous for the furniture and for the people who are handling them. People realize this only when it’s too late. 

mover safely handling item

You don’t want to be in a situation where you got stuck between the second and the third floor on the stairs with your friend carrying an armoire. The damage will already have been done. Movers won’t be able to repair the damage or to heal a broken leg, but they will be able to get you rid of the piece of furniture and deliver it for you, properly. 


Budget is one more thing that deserves special attention. The main reason that makes people organize the move on their own is money. They think that they will save money if they are not paying for a moving company. On one hand, they are, but on the other no. If they want to organize the move in the best possible way, it can get really expensive. 

man putting a coin in a piggy bank

The list of things that are needed is long. It requires patience, time and coordination. If anything goes sideways, they are losing more time, more patience and even more money.
Also, days off work are not necessarily paid leave. That’s less working hours, days, no overtime, ;tips etc. Some employers won’t welcome the idea with a smile. 

So, think twice before running into a project like this. A move is an expense either way, no matter the person who delivers it- you, or a professional team. Since you are already prepared that this will cost, dedicate yourself to something else and let the movers do their thing.One more important note, if you are hiring movers, make sure that you are reaching out to a company that provides the best moving services in Los Angeles. Don’t try to find the cheap movers with the cheapest offer because a small difference in the price is a jump from “1” to “10” in quality. FIND OUT WHY!